I never, ever, ever want to move again. (Were there enough “ever”s in there?) I never again want to pack boxes for three full days (while five months pregnant). I never again want to deep clean a newly-empty place and have that feeling that we’d been living in filth for two years. I never again want to walk into an almost-empty living room to discover that my two-year-old had scribbled all over the wood floors and island of our rented apartment with semi-permanent marker (thank you, Comet) one hour before our scheduled departure. I never again want to have to keep an active two-year-old in an empty place with nothing to entertain him but Dora on iTunes…and semi-permanent markers.

I never again want to drive 13 hours (the first five of which were done at night…in a raging thunderstorm) in a car by myself with a toddler and a big dog. I never again want to stay in a Motel 6 (dog friendly!). I never again want to spend an entire road trip with my speed under 70 to accommodate my moving-van-driving husband. I never again want to look at a fast-food restaurant!

If saying goodbye to Chicago was hard, and if the move itself was hard, saying hello Charlotte has been a lot easier. We had my aunt and uncle’s comfortable guest bed waiting for us on the other end. And after we closed on our house last Monday, we had six cousins, one uncle, and one aunt to help us unload. We had neighbors waiting to greet us with friendly smiles and banana bread.

We got to feed everyone in our new kitchen. (I think I caught everyone in awkward mid-bite in this one.)

Even the 90+ temperature didn’t deter them. Or Judah. We just kept sweating and working until, a mere three hours after pulling the moving van into our driveway, the truck was empty and we were no longer homeless!

The house is still scattered with a few boxes, but we’ve made a lot of progress. Of course, now we’re noticing all the stuff we need to buy and do to make this place feel like home, and we’re both feeling overwhelmed. So for now, this is the view of the house I’m enjoying most:

Take a glance back at that first picture. We kept telling poor Judah and Murphy that they had a big yard waiting for them on the other side of the move, but in the middle of having their whole world turned upside-down, they didn’t understand. Look at them now. They’re like—Chicago? What? These are two happy boys.

And this is what I’ve been dreaming about for months. Seeing them both this happy has made it all worthwhile.

5 Responses to Hello

  1. Kristie says:

    aw… so sweet. I love the picture of Judah and Murphy at the end. I am so happy for you.

  2. esther meisel says:

    yes. totally worth all the waiting and work to get there! so very happy for all of you especially judah and murphy…..

  3. Sasha says:

    Oh my darling! I am sorry to hear that it was such a looooong road to get to that beautiful house and yard 🙂 Judah looks a foot taller and older and I am crying…. Love you!

  4. Jen Hagen says:

    so sorry the move was so rough 😦 but glad to see your are enjoying your new place. it is absolutely beautiful. hopefully we can visit you there someday…

    loved catching up on all the pics too – judah is adorable!

  5. ashley pointer says:

    you captured moving very well 🙂 thank heavens you are there and getting settled. That backyard is to DIE for! I love it and we’re so thrilled for you guys. So when can we come visit? ha ha. judah is looking so grown up all of a sudden! murphy is thanking his lucky stars he has a yard again. miss you guys!

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